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The Information Project (The IP) is a non-profit organization created to provide the media, the public, and critical decision makers with factual information on terrorists.

Terrorism and its paralyzing fear of the unknown have long been part human existence. As humans have evolved, so have the organizations that sponsor and endorse terror. The lack of definition of terrorism, and the inability to identify those who are its core, has enabled these organizations to facilitate attacks against society. Once a terrorist organization and those entities that use terrorism as a weapons system become known quantities, the public and key decision makers can stop treating terrorism as an unstoppable force of Nature and see it for what it is: an act of man, and one that can be addressed.

Such a shift would encourage the development of effective, long-term solutions, as opposed to our current system of countering violence with violence after the fact. Furthermore, the creation of a neutral source of public data could plausibly put an end to the long-term and almost universal practice of exploiting of public ignorance to shift the definition of terrorism to suit private, political, or economic ends.

The IP, which has built an expanding database of 2,000 - 3,000 terrorist organizations and aliases, can currently provide:

A history of terrorism by group, country, date, type, including root causes and evolutionary trends
Links between various groups and organizations (pro and anti)
Links between groups and various governments (pro and anti)
Patterns of behavior, types of attack, targets, and related problem solving mechanisms used by various groups
Names of the people associated with various groups, including victims

Thank you for your help and generosity in keeping this organization active!
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