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Links For Changing

Changing the world one step at a time

Links For Change
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Inspired by thebratqueen's request for information on things to do to help fix the situation in the US post-elections, as well as the various posts that come up, [Unknown LJ tag] will be a hub of links to posts and articles related to changing the world one step at a time.

Topics for links can be about:

* Volunteering
* Peace
* Charity work
* Education
* Politics
* Activism
* Independence
* Living and life
* Ethics
* Human rights
* Intercultural issues
* Economics
* Religion
* Tolerance and acceptance
* Community

and so on, anything related to changing the world and/or its paradigms.

To post, please include a link to the original post, and a brief description on its content. The posts can be ideas, editorials, requests for discussion, resources, more links, community recommendations, links to surveys, so on and so forth.

Do spread the word and hopefully we'll get things moving. Let's change.